Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back to work postpartum...

I actually did it!

Today was the first real day back to work. I must admit that my heart was crushed as I nursed my son waiting for daddy to wake him up and take him to his care giver. I thank God that his caregiver is a trusted friend (big sister), who is also saved and has wonderful children of her own! She has raised her children in the house of The Lord and it truly shows. With this being said the separation from my son was no longer a worry about his safety. I fully trust that's she will take care of my boy. My concern became a matter of me deeply missing my son!
...I laid on the couch after my husband took him, seriously missing his little body cuddled there with me. I missed hearing him breathe and coo in his sleep. I am only part time, so my husband opted to take our son to the care giver's, allowing me to get some rest, only waking to pump to keep up my milk supply. I laid there feeling almost abandoned and helpless... Yes, I truly felt this way! This was the first time that Pete ( my son) had ever left the house without me! I asked The Lord to comfort me and before I knew it I was sound asleep...  Waking to the sound of my alarm telling me not to be late to work.....

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