Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part-time mommy??

Unfortunately I cannot shake the fact that I must return back to my part-time job. This is  a mere fact that I have to learn to accept...and very quickly...

After just 7 short weeks of maternity leave, I am forced to be thrust back into the working sector. Being denied an extra 6 weeks under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) due to being short 6 hours of the requirements, I am sad to say I AM returning to work.

I was never fully aware of the disadvantage mothers have by only being allowed the standard 6 weeks from their employment with job security. Now, at the age of 26, having my first child my eyes are wide open to the failure that I find in the world's system. I just had a baby...I JUST HAD A BABY...who now, unable to receive his first set of vaccines (cannot receive them until he is two months old), has to go during flu season, to a care provider while mommy goes back to work. My biggest fear isn't him catching a cold though. So what is it you ask? I am afraid to become a PART-TIME mommy!

While working part-time, I can't help but to imagine that there are only so many PARTS in my life. How in the world will I be able to be a full time mommy working outside of the home, while he is in daycare all day, most days. Hmmm...NOW I see why moms stay home (amongst many other reasons I am sure).
I can already tell that this transition is going to take a lot of prayer and fasting (the praying I can do, but the fasting I will have to leave up to my husband considering that I am nursing).

My question is...why is the standard only 6 weeks? I do understand that businesses have a business to run, but isn't anyone concerned with parents bonding with their children? These children are going to be the next citizens in our world. It may sound dramatic but this could be the difference between a law abiding citizen and a rebellious fugitive, all because the child never got to bond with their parents. For paternity leave my husband got 10 whole days... (LOL). Although the time did seem minimal I do thank and bless God for it, considering I have heard and read of people in the workforce not granted maternity leave at all, which to me is absurd! But hey, the Lord knows all things! ...

Mommies out there...tell me how you feel! Are you back in the work force or have you chosen to stay home? No way is right or wrong!

Feel free to comment!
God Bless!

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  1. Hey Ty! this Gloria (uncle Justin's mom). Congratulations on becoming a wife and mother. Here's my take on working moms: it ain't no thing. my mother worked when I was a baby and (for the most part) I turned out ok. your mom worked and you're ok. and guess what? your little guy is going to be ok too! God never gives us more than we can handle (even when we don't want to) and He never lies or tricks....He said it in His Holy Word: will never leave nor forsake us. So, put on your suit and pumps, throw that baby on your hip, get that frying pan on the stove and do your thang!! God made you great so go do great things!! Love you. Peace.