Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back to work postpartum...

I actually did it!

Today was the first real day back to work. I must admit that my heart was crushed as I nursed my son waiting for daddy to wake him up and take him to his care giver. I thank God that his caregiver is a trusted friend (big sister), who is also saved and has wonderful children of her own! She has raised her children in the house of The Lord and it truly shows. With this being said the separation from my son was no longer a worry about his safety. I fully trust that's she will take care of my boy. My concern became a matter of me deeply missing my son!
...I laid on the couch after my husband took him, seriously missing his little body cuddled there with me. I missed hearing him breathe and coo in his sleep. I am only part time, so my husband opted to take our son to the care giver's, allowing me to get some rest, only waking to pump to keep up my milk supply. I laid there feeling almost abandoned and helpless... Yes, I truly felt this way! This was the first time that Pete ( my son) had ever left the house without me! I asked The Lord to comfort me and before I knew it I was sound asleep...  Waking to the sound of my alarm telling me not to be late to work.....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part-time mommy??

Unfortunately I cannot shake the fact that I must return back to my part-time job. This is  a mere fact that I have to learn to accept...and very quickly...

After just 7 short weeks of maternity leave, I am forced to be thrust back into the working sector. Being denied an extra 6 weeks under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) due to being short 6 hours of the requirements, I am sad to say I AM returning to work.

I was never fully aware of the disadvantage mothers have by only being allowed the standard 6 weeks from their employment with job security. Now, at the age of 26, having my first child my eyes are wide open to the failure that I find in the world's system. I just had a baby...I JUST HAD A BABY...who now, unable to receive his first set of vaccines (cannot receive them until he is two months old), has to go during flu season, to a care provider while mommy goes back to work. My biggest fear isn't him catching a cold though. So what is it you ask? I am afraid to become a PART-TIME mommy!

While working part-time, I can't help but to imagine that there are only so many PARTS in my life. How in the world will I be able to be a full time mommy working outside of the home, while he is in daycare all day, most days. Hmmm...NOW I see why moms stay home (amongst many other reasons I am sure).
I can already tell that this transition is going to take a lot of prayer and fasting (the praying I can do, but the fasting I will have to leave up to my husband considering that I am nursing).

My question is...why is the standard only 6 weeks? I do understand that businesses have a business to run, but isn't anyone concerned with parents bonding with their children? These children are going to be the next citizens in our world. It may sound dramatic but this could be the difference between a law abiding citizen and a rebellious fugitive, all because the child never got to bond with their parents. For paternity leave my husband got 10 whole days... (LOL). Although the time did seem minimal I do thank and bless God for it, considering I have heard and read of people in the workforce not granted maternity leave at all, which to me is absurd! But hey, the Lord knows all things! ...

Mommies out there...tell me how you feel! Are you back in the work force or have you chosen to stay home? No way is right or wrong!

Feel free to comment!
God Bless!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalms 139:14...

Ok so...Literally my heart beats outside of my body...Well no I am not in any physical distress, except that of motherhood.

... I cannot go hours without seeing and interacting with my son, and when I do, I am craving to spend another minute with him! What is this? Fortunately for us our God strategically planned all of this in the beginning... (When he created all things by and for Jesus Christ -Colossians 1:16). Besides the fact that I know and believe this to be true, there is also science to support this fact! The bible is right and it seems that scientist are always trying to find the how of the mysteries of God...not all will admit it, but this is primarily because the Lord considered every single detail when creating all things, even us.

...Let us talk about Oxytocin...Oxytocin is a chemical hormone released in the body at specific times to create specific feelings within our minds. I learned one day in a Princess of Purity seminar (....another topic for another day, but simply a seminar given by Holy Spirit filled woman in regards to our purity and sanctification before our God...) that when we hug a person for more than a few minutes this hormone, Oxytocin, is released and we immediately feel bonded to that person. I learned this fact in this seminar, but there are loads of scientific research that supports this! Really...go look it up for yourself! This hormone is commonly called the "Love Hormone." hmmm....unsurprisingly this is the same hormone released in the body during child birth to contract the uterus and more importantly for today, it is the same hormone released when a woman nurses (breastfeeds) her child. WOW! With this being said, every time I nurse my son I am, without my control, being psychologically and intensely glued to him. God worked it so that I could not only supply food for my son, but also security! While I am feeling deeply connected and attached to my son, he is experiencing the same feelings. Oxytocin...look it up...It is real and it was God's way of making sure that our maternal instinct to nurture would be implemented.

I am not confused about my role as a woman. I know that I am the weaker vessel and that I am THE nurturer. This is not to say that my husband will not or cannot nurture because this is not true, but there is something in a mommy that just does the trick! Well, I am off to go cuddle with my family...bond with them some more... be sure to do your own research on oxytocin! If you are anything like me, you will enjoy reading about the hormone and just how and when it works! Leave me any comments or questions... The Lord is good.. :) God Bless

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day one of many...

Hey there...Yes you...I am glad that you are visiting my blog and reading my first post. I am 6 weeks postpartum  so yes, I have a 6 week old son! I thank the Lord for my husband and my son. This is our first child and I must say that I enjoy being a mommy! The way your child looks at you, you can tell without words that they love every bit of you. Babies are not like the rest of us. No matter what I look like, or think of myself my son looks at me like I mean the world to him. Right now he thinks that I am supplying all of his needs, and in a sense he is right, but each day I tell him who is REALLY supplying his needs! The Lord our God is taking care of us...I sing praises unto God and read the word to my son hoping and praying that I successfully do what the bible says, and "train him up in the way that he should go, so that when he is older he won't depart from it." I want this blog to glorify God, and share with the world, my world living a holy, saved and sanctified life before God. God Bless you annnnnnnd ENJOY! <3