Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The First Encounter..

The first encounter... The first encounter with my son was the ending to an anticipated labor, but the beginning of my family with my husband. As a first time expectant mother, I was scared, nervous and excited, while I awaited "the day" that Pierre would make his grand entrance. I spent hours and hours beseeching the Lord, asking Him to calm my fears, and that is exactly what He did!

Let me begin by telling you what the Lord has done from the very beginning. He has been moving by His Spirit since the day we conceived. When I found out I was pregnant, I also found that I have 3 uterine fibroids. For a woman, uterine fibroids could mean that she MAY not be able to carry children or experience difficulties in the labor. A few weeks after finding this out, the doctor then told me, that although she had previously told me I was pregnant, the baby had no heart beat; that I was experiencing a miscarriage OR the baby's gestational age was calculate incorrectly. After hearing this news, my husband and I told our Pastor and began to seek the Lord more intensely. I just wanted my baby. I remember coming home from choir rehearsal and taking a shower. I was sitting in the shower quietly crying so that my husband would not hear me. My heart was so overwhelmed that my quiet tears turned into full blown sobs. I recalled to my mind the account of Hannah and how she went before the Lord asking Him for a man child. The Lord eventually gave Hannah Samuel, and she gave Samuel back to the Lord. I sat in the shower crying for so long, that the water got cold. I wanted my baby. I begged the Lord, asking Him to work a miracle. I honestly felt so low, but I did tell the Lord that if my child was not there, that I still wanted to serve him. I did not want to give up on the Lord because of a broken heart. I knew the Lord was able. I know He gives life. I stood on Hannah's testimony and waited for the doctor's results.

I went back to the doctor's office 2 weeks later and there was Pierre's heartbeat nice and strong. I cried. I wept before the Most High God. He is a miracle worker.

The Lord is able. He worked this miracle for me! Is there anyone who needs a miracle? Are you asking the Lord to do something "big" for you? Well, there is NOTHING too big for the Lord! The blessings and miracles do not stop here....but you will have to come back and read my next post! I will tell you about how God blessed my labor and delivery and explain my first encounter with my first born!

Thanks for reading! :)
Be blessed

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 found in prayer!

It has been weeks since I have posted on this blog. My last post spoke the anxiety of a new mother going back to work. Since then I have attempted to thrust myself back into what was a "normal" lifestyle for me. A few weeks later followed by a couple of tears, I realized that adjusting may not have been as easy as I thought. I will be honest with you all, being a first time mother is wonderful, yet it does not come without new trials, new worries and maybe a new set of tears.

Today was my day off from work, and I laid in the bed nursing my 4 month old during my regular noon day prayer time. As guilty as I felt for not getting up and going to the house of the Lord to pray, I quietly talked to the Lord, while my son nursed and then slept beside me. "...Lord, I have so much to do...I have to cook and clean and take care of Pierre before my husband gets home...I just want to sleep..." I then heard the Spirit tell me that although it was ok and needful for me to rest, the very last thing that I should cut from my schedule is prayer. I know the Holy Spirit spoke. I began to tell the Lord of how different I am as a person when I am not constant and consistent in prayer. The life of a wife and a mother may be busy, but the need for prayer and communion with the Lord will never change. Sunday morning, my first lady preached saying "In the winter wear a the summer take it off....If the season in your life changes, go with it. The Lord will not cause it to snow always. If you are a new mother...take care of your child, love them and hold them. Seasons change but one thing that will remain the same is the Lord and the need for us to pray."

When things get rough for us the enemy will tell us not to pray! He will tell us that we are too tired, to busy, too angry....too ANYTHING is what he will say! the enemy never tells us that this is when we should be in prayer even the more! the devil is a liar and he has been one from the beginning! My encouragement today is to keep praying! No matter what keep communing with the Lord...because the time is drawing nigh for our dear Savior's return!