Wednesday, February 26, 2014 found in prayer!

It has been weeks since I have posted on this blog. My last post spoke the anxiety of a new mother going back to work. Since then I have attempted to thrust myself back into what was a "normal" lifestyle for me. A few weeks later followed by a couple of tears, I realized that adjusting may not have been as easy as I thought. I will be honest with you all, being a first time mother is wonderful, yet it does not come without new trials, new worries and maybe a new set of tears.

Today was my day off from work, and I laid in the bed nursing my 4 month old during my regular noon day prayer time. As guilty as I felt for not getting up and going to the house of the Lord to pray, I quietly talked to the Lord, while my son nursed and then slept beside me. "...Lord, I have so much to do...I have to cook and clean and take care of Pierre before my husband gets home...I just want to sleep..." I then heard the Spirit tell me that although it was ok and needful for me to rest, the very last thing that I should cut from my schedule is prayer. I know the Holy Spirit spoke. I began to tell the Lord of how different I am as a person when I am not constant and consistent in prayer. The life of a wife and a mother may be busy, but the need for prayer and communion with the Lord will never change. Sunday morning, my first lady preached saying "In the winter wear a the summer take it off....If the season in your life changes, go with it. The Lord will not cause it to snow always. If you are a new mother...take care of your child, love them and hold them. Seasons change but one thing that will remain the same is the Lord and the need for us to pray."

When things get rough for us the enemy will tell us not to pray! He will tell us that we are too tired, to busy, too angry....too ANYTHING is what he will say! the enemy never tells us that this is when we should be in prayer even the more! the devil is a liar and he has been one from the beginning! My encouragement today is to keep praying! No matter what keep communing with the Lord...because the time is drawing nigh for our dear Savior's return!

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  1. As I looked through my email I was delighted to see I received a notification that you have added to your I read through the blog my heart was
    pricked for you have said the exactly
    words that's I have been struggling with.
    As a mother of two in city far from friends
    and family. I find myself quite often feeling
    overwhelmed and alone. I also live a good
    distance from my church, which makes it
    difficult to get there for prayer. Although I
    can't make it to the house of the Lord for
    prayer I have been trying to make time at
    home to get my prayer in...but it's just
    that..I am trying to find time or make time
    for prayer..when prayer should be the
    already set in stone...and that I should find
    time for all the other task of my day. I
    know how important prayer is, but often
    times I don't put it to the top of my to do
    list. Thank you for your enlightenment
    today and your willingness to share what
    the Spirit gave you.

    Keep blogging Sis,

    Living free from sin in Sin city...;-)