Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day one of many...

Hey there...Yes you...I am glad that you are visiting my blog and reading my first post. I am 6 weeks postpartum  so yes, I have a 6 week old son! I thank the Lord for my husband and my son. This is our first child and I must say that I enjoy being a mommy! The way your child looks at you, you can tell without words that they love every bit of you. Babies are not like the rest of us. No matter what I look like, or think of myself my son looks at me like I mean the world to him. Right now he thinks that I am supplying all of his needs, and in a sense he is right, but each day I tell him who is REALLY supplying his needs! The Lord our God is taking care of us...I sing praises unto God and read the word to my son hoping and praying that I successfully do what the bible says, and "train him up in the way that he should go, so that when he is older he won't depart from it." I want this blog to glorify God, and share with the world, my world living a holy, saved and sanctified life before God. God Bless you annnnnnnd ENJOY! <3

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  1. Hey there babe, just want to say i'm proud of you and encourage you, What you do for the Lord will Last. Let the Holy Spirit Guide you and you will do well.
    I love you.